I am a procreator. At my centre I beget and conceive, incubate and nurture. It is already a being, alive, animated and complete. It's all mine until it is delivered for the world to see. It was always complete within me and letting it go is always painful.

my drug is the creative lift. It is an express elevator into orbit. No less. Perhaps even more. I ride it everyday. And I am an addict. Self declared perpetual junkie that seeks out, even hunts for the high. I like the flavour of a beautiful Bordeaux but the high I receive from the act of creation takes me higher and keeps me there.

The closest you can be to the creator is through the pure process of creation, Allowing yourself to free float out of your being, somewhere, everywhere.

The philosophy of the studio is the way in which we feel and interact every day. At its core it is a studio that is a creative laboratory. We are adventurers, discoverers and rambunctious playmates. This joy and calm comes through the lines we draft, the dreams that we weave and the zeal with which we stake our claim to reality - the finished project.